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Welcome to the 5th dance: made in canada / fait au canada Festival!

“The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.”

– John Berger

We’re pleased and excited to invite you to discover the 2019 edition of your contemporary dance festival: dance: made in canada / fait au canada from August 14 – 18.

We kick off on Wednesday, August 14 with a special Toronto premiere presentation of Louise Lecavalier – In Motion, Raymond St-Jean’s feature documentary film about the luminous Montreal artist (who will join us for the screening and a Q&A). Then, over five jam-packed days, we’ll present the MAINSTAGE curated series and the lottery-drawn What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) series.

We are also very excited about our Arts Encounters program, which shines a light on our multifaceted dance artists through site-specific interdisciplinary (Susie Burpee & Linnea Swan), media arts (Luke Garwood), photography (Irvin Chow), literary (Lindsay Zier-Vogel), and dance on film  –  it’s all ready for your participation.

You’ve fantasized about it. Come on, I know you have …  an existence without limitations in which you can fly, transform into different creatures, occupy multiple places, dimensions, and realities at the same time.  An existence where you’re liberated from the human foibles –  desire, fear, jealousy or greed – that enslave you.

But think how … BORING … that would be.  Limitations give life flavour. They can be a source of creativity, of inspiration. They can force us to dream big ideas within a restricted framework – and then just let go. As artists, pushing against or respecting limitations is how each of us shapes our work. And how each artist manages that equation has led to the vast range of voices, tones and ideas on stage at this year’s festival.


The limitation of time: Choreographer DA Hoskins and dancer Danielle Baskerville re-live their twenty-year relationship within twenty minutes on the stage.

The limitation of perspective: Karine Ledoyen interviewed over a dozen retired dancers and forged that cacophony into a graceful wordless duet.

The limitation of freedom: Sashar Zarif wonders if, in walking our own path, we are determining or accepting our fate? Does silence and stillness interrupt the clatter of our destiny, or is clatter the interruption?

The limitation of corporeal architecture: Josh Martin investigates the stored accounts that muscle tissue, bones, tendons and organs hold of past events, actions and trauma.

The limitation of a body in space: Katia-Marie Germain sits down to breakfast and gets caught up in a struggle between the visible and the invisible.

As these artists demonstrate, learning to be creative within the confines of limitation may be the best hope we all have to transform ourselves and, collectively, help transform the world.

It has been an honour to work alongside two remarkable guest curators, Lina Cruz and Matjash Mrozewski, on crafting this year’s festival.  Together, we’ve selected and programmed eight brave and curious Mainstage artists. Along with artists from the lottery-drawn WYSIWYG series, their works will transform the way you see and experience the world. Because art does have that capacity.

We hope that by experiencing the diverse works in this 2019 festival, you’ll go back out into your life with a little something that you didn’t have before the encounter.

The 2019 programme is an invitation to see and know the world differently:

We hope you enjoy sharing five days of dance made in / fait au canada with us this August.

Festival Director and d:mic/fac Artistic Director Yvonne Ng
with Janelle Rainville and Jeff Morris, Co-Festival Directors

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