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dance: made in canada/fait au canada is looking for volunteers!

Running in Toronto since 2000, dance: made in canada/fait au canada (d:mic/fac) is Toronto’s only biennial contemporary dance summer festival, presenting some of the best artists from across Canada.

What do volunteers do?

* Regular volunteer duties include stuffing and folding programs, assisting with patron questions, nightly set-up of signage and assisting with opening and closing night receptions.

* Arts Encounters volunteer duties include answering questions from the public and assisting with security for the equipment used for each of this season’s site-specific installations.

2 Regular Volunteers are needed for each day’s time slot

1 Arts Encounters volunteer is needed for each day’s Late Slot as well as the Intensive Rep Show Slot (afternoon) on Saturday Aug 17th.

Dates and Time Slots Needed to be Filled:

Wednesday August 14th (Bennethan Series and Morrison Series)

  • Early Slot (5-9pm) + Late Slot (7-11pm)

Thursday August 15th (von Tiedmann Series, Bennethan Series and WYSIWYG)

  • Early Slot (5-9pm) + Late Slot (7-11pm) + Super Late Slot (10pm-1am)

Friday August 16th(Morrison Series, von Tiedmann Series and WYSIWYG)

  • Early Slot (5-9pm) + Late Slot (7-11pm) + Super Late Slot (10pm-1am)

Saturday August 17th(Morrison Series, Intensive Rep, Bennethan Series and von Tiedmann Series)

  • Afternoon Slot (12-4pm) + Intensive Rep Show Slot (2-6pm)
  • Early Slot (5-9pm) + Late Slot (7-11pm)

Please email Cara Spooner (at with the date(s) and time slot(s) you are interested in as well as requests to be an Art Encounters volunteer or a Regular Volunteer.

Each volunteer will receive one free ticket to a program of their choice in exchange for each time slot they volunteer for.

Please note that we also provide credits for high school students looking to complete their community service hours.

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