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Episode #7: Interview with the Artist

1. What is your name and name of company?
Andrea Spaziani, Open Air Collective

2. What is the exact location of where you are based?
 M4K 2W5

3. Tell us in 25 characters who you are.
Intergalactic cookie.

4. Who has been the greatest influence in your life and why?
My hubbie Peter. I’d feel pretty lost without him. He knows how to deal with being an adult much better than I do.

5. What was the last book or film you read or saw?
The Tree of Life

6. Tell us a little about the work you are performing at d:mic/fac.
The moment before is about preparedness, and that nauseating 10-minute wait before doing something totally crazy, like dance on stage for a paying audience. The work lives in a place of psychological limbo where time, anticipation, and self-doubt converge. It’s set to a score of field recordings I made leading up to, and in the moments before, the performance.

7. Is Toronto a good place to perform in?
Yes, I think so, but I’ll have to perform in more places to really know.

8. What do you do without fail following a show/before a show, to prepare?
I don’t want to give away too much, but you’ll get an idea of what I do before a show at the show (except the part where I pee ten times, somewhat unsuccessfully). After, I like to/need to lie in the fetal position for a few minutes, and then give/receive hugs. So many feelings…

Catch Andrea Spaziani and the Open Air Collective as a part of the Late- Night Series – What you See is What you Get at the Betty Oliphant Theatre, August 12th and 13th at 11 p.m. For tickets call 416. 504. 7429. or visit For more information click here!

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