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Kendra Epik

Alexa, Play a Sad Song

by Kendra Epik

The significant shift technology has taken towards a singularity between function and companionship is a development that is both fascinating and terrifying. Technology is evolving exponentially; it is becoming evident that the possibilities within the human condition are limitless, and the adaptation of human emotion by artificial intelligence is at the precipice. There is a growing desire to give artificial intelligence the power of emotion and free-thinking. Inspired by films like HER, Ex Machina, Maniac, and writing from Ray Kurzweil, this work is a search to discover what it means to be human through the eyes of technology. The work takes us through four elements of personality functions, thinking, feeling, intuition and sensation. As we being to experience these characteristics it transcends into a learned behavior. Does adaptation of emotion by artificial intelligence make them more or less human? Where do we draw the line?


  • Choreographer: Kendra Epik
  • Performer: Sarah MacDonald
  • Performer: Paige Sayles
  • Performer: Georgi DiRocco
  • Composer: Daniel Katsoras
  • Photos: Kendra Epik


September 23 – 25, 2021

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Kendra Epik is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist. Kendra works independently as a dancer, filmmaker, photographer, and musician. Her training in dance began at Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre in Toronto, Canada. Kendra continued her dance studies at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA graduating with honors in 2016. Shortly after graduating Kendra began to further develop her love for filmmaking and photography. She is working as a freelance movement and portrait photographer in Toronto and continuously works towards producing films through the support of local commissions as well as independently. Kendra’s film “Sunglow Gecko” commissioned by Form Festival in 2020 was awarded the Youth Innovation Award and is a semifinalist for the Dumbo Film Festival. Kendra is working with Human Body Expressions, under the direction of Hanna Kiel, for her new work Again premiering on film in February 2021 and live in 2022. Kendra has worked as a guest choreographer at Earl Haig Secondary school for three consecutive years and continues to further develop and explore her own choreographic works in progress. While emerging into her professional course, Kendra is looking forward to continuing on with her creative growth and aims to challenge her potential and execute her work with integrity and authenticity.

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