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These terrific dancefilms are plucked from the ever-growing catalogue of Canadian media works with, of and featuring movement and dance in the pandemic era. They’re thrilling and contemplative, light-hearted and devastating, at ease with the technology, yet still struggling to connect human-to-human. We love them and hope you do too.

Kathleen Smith – Programmer

Screening Information

This year, our dance on film + video programming will receive an in-person screening at the newly-renovated Paradise Theatre in Toronto on Saturday, August 13, as well as on-demand viewing available through our website from August 15–19.

All tickets are $5 with an option to add an additional donation if you wish.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

In-Person Screenings at the Paradise Theatre, 1006 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

Series 1 – 4:30 pm
Series 2 – 6:00 pm
Series 3 – 7:30 pm

The Paradise Theatre has 182 standard seats and an accessible area for up to 4 people with assistive devices available for each screening. Please select the “Accessible Seating” option for the program you wish to attend to secure your spot. Please feel free to email us at to arrange accommodations for your accessibility needs.

Monday, August 15 – Friday, August 19, 2022

Online Screenings on demand

All three programmes will be available to watch from August 15th-19th. Purchasing a ticket for the online screening will grant you access to all 3 programs.

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The Series

Caught in a Landscape

August 13, 2022 at the Paradise Theatre
Total running time: 46:07 min (approximately)

Running Order



Réminiscences  (In person only)

Ravages (Award winner + Streaming only)

Portraiture (Award winner)

Prison of the Sun



A dance exploration of a woman who is "stuck" -A comedic dance film exploration of our urban modern existence (and…


Set in the spectacular Burren region of the west coast of Ireland, Navigation explores the current humanitarian crisis of displacement…


This dance short film brings three sensual and brutal duets to the screen. Three stories overlap to tell the memory;…


Portraiture is a cinematic manifestation of a personal journal. In an attempt to accurately capture the emotional and environmental shifts…

Prison of the Sun

A reaction to the pandemic and social unrest, as told through the street dance of "waacking" by world-renowned dancer Axelle…


*ONLINE ONLY* Ravages tells a kind of abstract tale, inviting the viewer to dive into the raw and fragile world…

I am struck by the Theatricality of it all

August 13, 2022 at the Paradise Theatre
Total running time: 51.05 mins

Running order

Falling down, getting up again

Inquiry into Time and Perception, Study # 2

La Galerie

When Dreaming Molly

At Lake

Inquiry into Time and Perception study #2

Intimacy, sheer physical presence, liveliness, even the smallest registers of motion, evolve in this triptych. Transcendence and transformation, and the…

La Galerie

During a nighttime visit to a museum, an unforeseen connection between a woman and a painting triggers an unexpected journey…


When Dreaming Molly is a translation for film of the stage piece Bloom, first created and performed by Margie Gillis…

At Lake

At Lake is a revisioning of Maya Deren's iconic 1944 film, At Land. Shot in Eastern Quebec, At Lake is…

And my Heart is broken

August 13, 2022 at the Paradise Theatre
Total running time:
45.58 mins

Running order:



Wall Stare

Traverse (Award winner)



Through this work, I investigate my current relationship with Varnam, a specialized repertory item in Bharatanatyam dance. The Varnam, embodied…


takeoff is a short film adaptation of a dance solo by Canadian performing artist Lukas Malkowski. It was made in…

Wall Stare

Wall Stare is a short abstract dance film directed by Miranda Forbes. A former professional dancer, this is Miranda’s first…


Filmed in the spectacular Gouffre d’enfer in France, Traverse weaves the powerful performances of five women and forty local participants…


After the recent break up of a longterm relationship, Maeve must move through nostalgia and pain to find herself again.

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