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Hors is a dance film on the border of surrealism. It is carried by a reflection on the interior and exterior places. Two women-landscapes merge into one another and transpose themselves into distinct places, from winter landscapes to squeaky uninhabited places, in a quest towards their place of belonging, if there is one. Dissonance between calm and discomfort, the images tell a story that goes on under the flesh, in the interstices of the Self and the Other and proposes the sensitive connection to nature as a space for rooting. “From childhood I suspected that another reality existed. “- Julio Cortázar


Artists: Amélie Gagnon, Julia-Maude Cloutier, Stéphane Thériault, Elias Djemil-Matassov, Mathieu Grégoire, Alexandre Laberge, Synchro Postproduction Audio, Alexandre Côté, Jean-Nicolas Demers
Run Time: 5:51
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