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MEN in charge is a doc(mock)umentary by Melanie Kloetzel and Linnea Swan. The film follows the development of the satirical dance theatre work It began with watching by the performance group kloetzel&co. Highlighting the possibilities and provocations that arise from the intersection of dance and politics, MEN in charge takes viewers on a brutally humorous jaunt through a sector enthralled with power. As ‘alternative facts’ and outlandish acts populate the political landscape more aggressively, the ‘men’ in question (all performed by women) transform in turn. MEN in charge delivers a darkly comedic take on both politics and gender in the 21st century.


Artists: Melanie Kloetzel & Linnea Swan, Jennifer DeWolf, Brenna Goertson, Jocelyn H. Leiver, Meghann Michalsky, Sylvie Moquin, Taylor Ritchie, Janelle Schiffner, Sarah Murray, Margarita Kozhevnikova, Samantha Ketsa
Run Time: 37:00
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