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“this is not a passion project.” follows a small Canadian dance company to a farm in rural Ontario. They’re not working on anything specific, except the radical act of being both collaborators AND friends. In this documentary of a moment, we hear from the company’s Artistic Director, and see the working energy of a small collective of dance-making artists who’ve lovingly clawed their way through Toronto’s live performance scene. The film strips away the veneer of performance to see these artists in their simplicity; they’ve escaped the city to a farm with not much more than their box of old costumes, a camcorder and each other. Stylistically referencing the “behind the scenes footage” they grew up idolizing as children in the 90s, this self-made fan video attempts to capture a working energy that redefines how the typical dance company is often imagined to work.   Audiences will be gifted a laid back experience through the softness of the camera quality and the intimacy of the editing. After an easy surf through a personal glimpse, viewers earn the simplest revelation: rooted in most fun and  mischief is a deeply tender love. See Rock Bottom’s playful devotion to stay afloat.


Artists: Alyssa Martin, Brayden Cairns, Drew Berry, Sam Grist, Sydney Nicole Herauf, Natasha Poon Woo
Run Time: 6:25
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