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Through this work, I investigate my current relationship with Varnam, a specialized repertory item in Bharatanatyam dance. The Varnam, embodied by thousands of women over two centuries, is about unrequited love. It is about unfulfilled expectations, physical and emotional depletion, and spiritual reveal. Here, in Canada, as a Tamil woman, I confront what practicing the Varnam means to me in a space that nurtures my many layers of longing and exhaustion. Vasantham, the title of the film, is a Tamil word describing the season of spring.



  • Allison Hrabluik Director
  • Ashvini Sundaram Producer
  • Ashvini Sundaram Key Cast/ Dancer
  • Karen Kaeja Dramaturg
  • Kalaisan Kalaichelvan Music Composer

Run Time: 5:19


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