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“Woodlands Groove” is part of a series of six choreographic works called the Undercurrents Project that were devised as a community-based project to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Thunder Bay.  It features two young Hoop Dancers from Naicatchewenin First Nation, a brother and sister duo that have been dancing together since they were very young. They come from a family of hoop dancers passed down to them by their Grandfather and father before them. Hoop dancing is a form of storytelling and the sharing of a view into the spiritual life of the Anishinaabe. Through their dancing they keep their stories, history and legends alive. “I share the ownership in direction with the wonderful group of artists I assembled for Woodlands Groove. I looked to the Indigenous creators involved in the film for guidance and direction. I specifically want to acknowledge the enormous contribution of Victoria Anderson-Gardner, David Wilkinson-Simard and Orville Councillor.” – Donna Marie Baratta

Opening Prayer
By Orville Councillor

I only speak a little language, forgive me.

I will speak the original language.


The Sound of Thunder Coming From afar, is my name.

Muskrat is my family clan. I am from the Ojibway Territory – Where two bodies of water that swirl.


Thank You Creator for the good day. East, West, South, North, Mother Earth I love you and the Heavens


I offer you tobacco…

Let everything good happen, The biggest Thank you, I feel good and happy.


I feel goodness, I express goodness for this song,

Thank You


Bangii itigo niin taa anishinaabe

Niiwii go chii toonjiibashinaabewaan


Piitwewitong Niindizhinikaaz, waazhashk

Niin dotem ojiwe aakiin indoonjii

Nacaitchwenin indoojii


Chi-miigwech Gizhe Manido, mino giizhigo

Wabanong, zhaawanong, ningaabianong, kiiwedanong

Nimaamaaaki giizaage ayaan


Benesiwag odaapinaan asemaa

Giibiiten adaagozin maano kinigego

Daminose magat chii miigwech giizagiyan

Niiminoagaa ninminwendam


Ninjiikendam nagamoyaan owe nagamon

mii gwech nugamon


Artists: Donna Marie Baratta, Orville Councillor of Thunder Bay First Nations Dance Group, Saagatay Councillor , Kinew Councillor, Joshua "Classic Roots" DePerry, Classic Roots , Jean-Paul De Roover, Victoria Anderson-Gardner, Kyle Curran, Shae Watson
Run Time: 4:56
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