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Support the 2015 Audience Choice Awards

Launched at dance: made in canada/fait au canada 2013, the Audience Choice Awards allow YOU, the audience, to vote for your favourite artist/dance work at this year’s festival. All proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign will be donated to the 2015 recipients of the Audience Choice Awards.There are two awards – one award for one of the Mainstage series’ Artist and one award for one of WYSIWYG artists.

This year’s dance artists include:
Andrew Tay/Wants&Needs danse
Lina Cruz/Fila 13 Productions
Kate Hilliard
Marie France Forcier
Throwdown Collective
Troy Emery Twigg
Jacob Niedzwiecki
Susie Burpee
Benjamin Landsberg Dance Projects
Louise Moyes docuDance
Alysa Pires

2013 Audience Choice Award Winners Throwdown Collective:
“Receiving the Audience Choice Award helped us in many ways. It was a wonderful boost of confidence for our small but growing collective, helping to raise the status of our little company. Most of all, the recognition helped encourage and inspire us to keep moving forward in producing our work! ”

Our goal is to raise $2000 by August 16, 2015. Please SHARE and help us spread the word!

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