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The Lovely Andréa de Keijzer

Andréa de Keijzer has an exciting new project as part of the Arts Encounters Programming at dance: made in canada/fait au canada. Don’t miss it in the lobby of the Betty Oliphant Theatre August 13-16!

I live in…. Montreal, mostly, but not in the winter.

I live with…. the world’s most handsome quebecois cat, Monsieur Lapin.

My favorite way to get around…. bicycle, downhill, all the time.

Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto…. body blitz, go to Fonda Lola, see the beautiful souls that inhabit that city.

When people ask what I do I say… mostly emails with some dancing in between OR i make things, performance things, book things, visual things, experiential things.

My first artistic influence was… probably my entire family (grandma: folk dance lover, aunt: ballet teacher, father: lover of aesthetics and photography, mother: lover of singing, sister: visual artists, uncle: painter)

The seed for my piece came… from my current question of how do we manage to do what we need to do as mostly self-employed artists.

Before I perform I… take a nap.

To relax I… take a nap.

When I’m not dancing/choreographing…. I am doing pottery or swimming or cooking or gardening or napping.

If I wasn’t an artist I would be… a midwife

Few people know…. the mayor of Vancouver, a person named Dick Fokker, the guys from Nortec, the famous Jacob (Wren), Robert Kingsbury.


Photos: Yuula Benivolski

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