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The People Behind Parts + Labour Dance.

Parts + Labour Dance presents La Chute as part of the WYSIWYG Series Friday, August 14, 2015 and Sunday, August 16, 2015 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre.

We live in: Montreal and Emily lives in Toronto almost half the time!

We live: together

Our favorite way to get around: for Dave it would be his specially made bicycle. Emily likes to be slow and walk from place to place. But we both have a guilty pleasure of taking cabs, we are often running late…

Favourite spot/thing to do in Toronto: definitely walking along the boardwalk in the Beaches

When people ask what I do I say: Emily: Choreographer. David: Dancer and Choreographer

My first artistic influence was: Emily – Gilles Maheu the show was called The Dead Souls his company was Carbon 14. David – I grew with an audiophile father so most of my early influences were musical. However, it was watching the music video for Daft Punk’s Around the World that made enough of an impression for me to start dancing, and later Bobo in Paradise, a Belgian show at Usine C that showed me for the first time that the theatre world was accessible to street dancers (which I was at the time).

The seed for our piece came…. from a growing interest in the Theatre of the Absurd at the time of creation, and the passing of David’s father and grandfather within the same year.

Before I perform I: Emily – honestly I have a cigarette, don’t tell my mom. David – coffee until 45 minutes to show, then water/Gatorade.

To relax I: Emily – long bubble bath. David – Headphones on, working on music.

When I’m not dancing/choreographing: Emily – Planting in my home and having dinner parties – David – Scheduling

If I wasn’t an artist I would be: Emily – I would probably be a ICU nurse, David – having a rough time dealing with my career choices.

Few people know: Emily – I LOVE doritos cool ranch chips! David – I fenced for many years and competed provincially.

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