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Wish I Was There

In 2019, dance: made in canada’s Wish You Were Here campaign had patrons sending postcards to friends and loved ones across the country, bringing our dance community closer together.

In anticipation of our next festival, we would like you to create and write a postcard to your future self. Our Wish I Was There project invites you to create an image that speaks to the present moment and write a note for yourself to read in August 2021. Whether it’s things to remember when these trying times have passed, what you are looking forward to, or why d:mic 2021 can’t come soon enough, we welcome your individual contribution.

After you submit through the form below, we will put together and print your postcard, for you to collect at our next festival in 2021. You may also elect for your contribution to be part of a curated art-piece which will be revealed as part of our onsite Arts Encounters exhibition.

Feel free to write anything. A small team will format your image and note and you decide if your creation will be included in our Arts Encounters exhibition, or will be something special just for you.

Write confidently knowing your privacy will be respected.

See you in 2021!



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