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Let us toss within / A wave that will never break. / Hug the ebb and flow.  “The Comfort of a Lie” prompts its audience to embrace a state of discomfort. Employing elements that originate from both physical and auditory uneasiness, this piece is a confrontation with instability and portrays an exercise in subtle perseverance. Collaborators attempt to avoid traditionally aesthetically-pleasing elements and qualities to focus their intentions on exploiting the less desirable aspects of visuals and sound. “The Comfort of a Lie” does not aim to provide the viewer a pleasurable experience; rather, the piece aspires to negotiate uncomfortable factors and have its audience do the same. Like the subject of the film, the audience will endure slight agitation for the duration of the work. Whether that agitation be brought on by the state of the performer or auditory distress, performer and viewer embark together on an experience in practicing to embrace discomfort.


Artists: Kevin Kiju Kim, Anja Graham, Peter Lee, Valeriya Khan, Sebastián Ortiz Cruz, Colin Williscroft
Run Time: 9:00
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