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Exquisite Consequence is an interactive movement installation where the content and choreography are built dynamically (in real time) by a community of participants. This work was created by Luke Garwood in collaboration with the dance: made in canda/fait au canada Festival. Built from a custom made program, which utilizes TouchDesigner (a visual development platform) and the Kinect’s 3D-mapping capabilities, participants in the installation see and control a silhouetted avatar, that appears on screen, with their own movements. When the audience member first enters the booth, they’re also shown the last pose created by a previous contributor. When the pose gets matched with their own body, in a twist on the the ol’ Exquisite Corpse game, a new recording session is triggered, adding to the previous contributor’s movement sequence. Each recording session is 20 seconds long, adding to the previous phrase and creating a single line of movement. There is also the option of breaking, or ending, the line in order to offer a new movement “branch”. Each branch gets uploaded on their website, where they can be viewed at any time, by anyone.

If you attended d:mic/fac 2017, you may have had the chance to participate in Luke Garwood’s Exquisite Consequence. See if you can decipher your own style and movement qualities among the rest!

Check out Exquisite Consequence HERE.

About Luke Garwood:
Luke Garwood is a dev artist, dancer, and choreographer based in Toronto, Canada. Garwood has performed professionally with such companies as: Toronto Dance Theatre, ProArteDanza, Signal Theatre, and Coleman Lemieux and Company. Independently, Garwood works in Toronto and Berlin, collaborating with choreographers such as: Valerie Calam, D.A. Hoskins, Allison Cummings, Susie Burpee, Kate Hilliard, Jacob Niedzwiecki, Tina Fushell, Yvonne Ng, Heidi Strauss, and Christoph Winkler. After working for over a decade as a dancer and collaborator with many of Toronto’s foremost dance makers and choreographers, Garwood began pursuing a passion for developing and programming as a part of OCADU’s Digital Futures Program. As a creator, Garwood has been acknowledged for the way in which he merges dance with code –– this includes receiving the 2013 Soulpepper Multidisciplinary Dance Award. Recently, he has been using augmented reality (AR) as a medium through which to present dance in a near holographic manner, explored through the creation of an app based performance entitled Ephemeral (

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