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Drew Berry

Drew Berry is a multidisciplinary artist and educator based in Toronto with expertise in dance, photography, videography, and classical piano. As an active member of the dance community over the past decade, she has garnered recognition as a performer, notably with Rock Bottom Movement. Alongside her performance career, Drew has discovered a profound passion for dance photography and videography, offering a unique perspective as a dance artist herself. Having collaborated with various independent artists, dance companies and institutions, Drew’s fascination lies in documenting artistic processes and on-stage moments. Drew is a graduate from Quinte Ballet School of Canada’s post-graduate program and holds a BFA (Honours) from the Performance Dance program at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Photo by Justin Lee

Kendra Epik

Kendra Epik is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. Kendra works independently as a dancer, filmmaker, photographer, and musician. After studying dance at Point Park University, Kendra began to further develop her love for filmmaking and photography. She is working as a freelance movement and portrait photographer in Toronto and continuously works towards producing films through the support of local commissions as well as independently. Kendra’s film “Sunglow Gecko” commissioned by Form Festival in 2020 was awarded the Youth Innovation Award, is a semifinalist for the Dumbo Film Festival, and has won two honourable mentions for Manifest Dance-Film Festival and ReelHeART International Film festival. Sunglow Gecko has been presented at various film festivals internationally. Kendra has worked as a videographer, filmmaker, and/or photographer for various Toronto-based companies including Fall for Dance North, Toronto Dance Theatre, Blue Ceiling Dance, Project Humanity, Proarte Danza, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, TOES FOR DANCE, Ace Dance Theatre, Nostos Collective to name a few. While emerging into her professional course, Kendra is looking forward to documenting and capturing the dance community through her own lens with integrity and authenticity.

Photo by Kendra Epik

Marlowe Porter

Marlowe Porter is a multidisciplinary artist, working with photography, dance and digital art. Her work explores bodies in motion and their relationship to space, often placing her focal point within the elements of water, wind and earth. Her work attempts to invite the viewer into a visceral world that is full of texture, colour and movement, breathing images to life off the page. Marlowe has had her work featured in various publications such as the Dance Current and the Toronto Star.

Photo by Marlowe Porter

Banner photo by Drew Berry

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