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Ravages tells a kind of abstract tale, inviting the viewer to dive into the raw and fragile world of a symbolic epic where the human confronts what is perishable or unchangeable. This piece of dance on screen is driven by an inherent intensity, where the bodies-landscapes meet with bad weather, gather to better survive and subside together deep in the lulls.





Direction: Alan Lake

Screenplay: Alan Lake

Direction of photography: François Gamache

Editing: Jason Arbour

Music: Antoine Berthiaume

Artistic direction: Alan Lake et Jean-Nicolas Demers

Dancers: David rancourt, Esther Rousseau Morin, Dominic Caron, Arielle Warnke St Pierre


Alan Lake Factori (e) is a multidisciplinary contemporary dance company created and led by Alan Lake, choreographer, performer, director and visual artist. Based in Quebec City, the company is dedicated entirely to the creation and distribution of multidisciplinary choreographic works and art films.

Alan Lake follows a creative direction with the movement as anchor. His approach is divided into three fields of research: dance, film and visual arts.

Since its creation in 2008, the company has already to its credit several scenic and cinematographic achievements, all acclaimed by the critics and the public.

Thus, in 2009, Chaudière, displacement and landscapes, show presented at La Rotonde, lays the foundations of this hybrid creation where the sculptural installation, the movement and the filmic image intertwine. An eponymous film was also made in this creative context. Three years later, the company created the event by presenting, at the end of the 2011/2012 season of La Rotonde, La Là-au-delà. Note that the film Là-bas, le loin, experimental choreographic short film, knows its own life as a film of art, and is regularly selected and broadcast in international film festivals.

Ravages, presented in spring 2015 in Montreal and Quebec City, is the company’s third choreographic creation. Further pushing the approach proposed in his previous achievements, the show Ravages interweaves, this time at the same time, installation, film and dance. The process of creating this choreographic piece led to the creation of two dance films: Jardins-Catastrophes (2014), premiered at the Quebec City Film Festival in September 2014, and Ravages, which was presented at Cinédanse Québec in September 2015.

Run Time: 14:00


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