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A dance exploration of a woman who is “stuck” -A comedic dance film exploration of our urban modern existence (and psychosis?) and the the human struggle to connect with each other in an increasingly technologically “connected” environment that leaves us physically disconnected/starved for human touch.



Allison Beda’s film and video based artistic practice delves into the personal, examines passion and obsession, often poetically exploring the intersection of cinema, dance and “narrative” (which is sometimes documentary), resulting in bold and unique films. Ms. Beda’s award winning work has screened internationally at festivals, in theaters, on television, in art galleries, on billboards, in the metro and even at the Olympic games. Her company A Muse Productions has a penchant for delightfully, deliriously flawed characters, and is particularly fond of telling funny stories about intelligent women, making inspired, though sometimes foolish choices.

Allison was selected to the RIFF 2019 Talent Lab in Iceland with her upcoming project I CAN’T REMEMBER THE WORD FOR “I CAN’T REMEMBER” and feature comedy screenplay UNPREDICTABLE (also a BET Network Top Ten finalist). Allison has a BA in film from Simon Fraser University, and an MFA from University of British Columbia.  Her experience as a IATSE camera operator on studio movies and network series helped her hone her strong visual style, while working as Associate Producer on television series such as SYFY’s “12 Monkeys” taught her exactly when you can (or cannot) “fix it in post”.


Director/Producer – Allison Beda

Writers – Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg & Allison Beda

Choreographer/Lead Performer – Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

Music/Composer – Marc Stewart

Editor – Allison Beda

Cinematographer – Allison Beda

Sound Recording – Marc Stewart

Costume Design – Janet Mervin

Run Time: 3:00


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