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Reviews are in!

Read Reviews from the 2019 dance: made in canada Festival!

Blue Riband Reviews

Mrozewski Series

“this stark collision between light and matter reminds us of our own interruption and serves as proof of one’s shifting form and position.”
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Morrison Series

“as heart-wrenchingly tender and complex as these varied intimacies between men were, they unfolded only with the most careful choreography under specific tech and atmosphere requirements.”
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Cruz Series

“…she described all her choices as having their own compelling eeriness or strangeness that had to be staged together in toronto.”
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“…“dance dance” achieved a truly rare depth of engagement with its audience.” (re: Molly Johnson’s dance dance)
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Louise Lecavalier – In Motion

“both on camera and in person during her post-screening Q&A with kathleen smith, lecavalier contrasted the physical intensity of her signature dance style with astounding generosity and grace.”
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