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Reviews are in!

Blue Riband Reviews Mrozewski Series "this stark collision between light and matter reminds us of our own interruption and serves as proof of one’s shifting form and position." Read Here Morrison Series "as heart-wrenchingly tender and complex as these varied…

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d:mic/fac 2019 Festival Artist Highlights: Top Picks

Here are some recommendations from our #dmic2019 artists on their festival picks. You heard ‘em! Go ahead and experience the breadth of contemporary Canadian dance d:mic/fac 2019 has to offer. Cause, whatever you choose, it will be just as exhilarating.…

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What’s On Tonight interview with Yvonne Ng

What's On Tonight takes five with Yvonne Ng Learn more about Artistic Director and Curator, Yvonne Ng in this Q&A with What's On Tonight. "... my first audience was my mum, she would watch the solo shows I put on…

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